Little Learners Kit (Ages 3-4)

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Build early reading and numeracy skills while having fun getting creative with various materials. Oh, and we get to know the animals from the savannah too!


What are we learning? There are 12 hands-on activities from 4 different categories.

Literacy: Learn the sounds of letters and use them to learn new words. Great for early readers.

Creative: Outline shadows, create a crazy hair portrait and make a scene for your very own stick dolls!

Investigation: Head to the Savannah and learn about the animals and build a home for the lion!

Workshop: Exercise fine motor skills, numeracy and imaginative skills with loose parts.

This learning box includes:

- 2 dollops of scented playdough (random colours)

- 3 Acrylic Paint

- PVA Glue

- Torchlight

- Wooden letters

- Lettered pebbles

- Cut out of animals of the savannah

- Loose parts & craft materials: Bottle caps, cotton balls, popsicle sticks, yarn, googly eyes, paper straws, pasta, buttons, beads, marble, jumbo sticks and more

Recommended age: 3-4 Years Old

Dough Little Learning Boxes combine the wonder of natural playdoughs with safe and unique tools which have been thoughtfully curated to provide your child with fun, engaging and wholesome learning experiences, whether on their own or with the family. 

Each dollop of Dough Little playdough is made fresh upon order and weighs 50 grams each. They are super soft, lightly scented, non-sticky, kinder to young skin and lovingly handcrafted using only high grade food materials, as such they are totally safe for children as young as 6 months old. Our Playdoughs last between 3-6 months and should be kept in their airtight vessels, away from Mr. Sun. 

Tiny tips: Our Playdoughs last between 3-6 months and should be kept in their airtight vessels, away from Mr. Sun. Start squishing and playing with your Playdoughs as soon as you purchase them, they last longer that way. Always play on a tray with clean and dry hands. All products should be played under parental supervision at all times. 

Disclaimer: We pride ourselves in creating these truly handy and unique boxes as shown in each picture, however there may be slight variations due to lighting from screens and also replacements due to stock shortage.

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